A bit about me and the types of opportunities I’m interested in

“Esse quam videri (To be, rather to seem)”

State Motto of North Carolina


At the end of the day, my goal is to change human behavior in a way that helps them achieve their goals.

I am a product expert with a strong background in financial analysis and data science. With experience in both fields, I bring a unique perspective to product development, helping to ensure that products are not only innovative and user-friendly but also data-driven and financially sound.

Over half a decade of experience building software products
Varied industry background in manufacturing, health tech, insurance, and fintech
Based in North Carolina in Charlotte, the Queen City

As a former finance analyst and consultant, I understand the importance of building software that not only provides value to the customer but also generates strong business outcomes. By combining a background in accounting, economics, and data science with behavioral science and product principles such as continuous discovery and customer development, I can seamlessly navigate between engineers, designers, and the C-suite. I approach problem solving by avoiding narrow framing and confirmation bias by taking an outsider’s view and viewing multiple solutions at a time – staying away from “whether or not” choices.

I have years of experience in various functions and industries that makes me a uniquely valuable generalist that cultivates strong cross-functional team dynamics that allows me to have strong opinions, weakly held.

My Path to Product

Like many product managers, I got into the job accidentally. When I made the decision to shift my career into one focused on technology, I moved into a strategist role located in the data science and advanced analytics group at a large national insurance company. It was in this role that I learned a lot of what would become the foundations of product management – communicating and working with stakeholders, prioritizing work to drive focus for the team, and deeply understanding the problems of the users we were building data science models for.

When our company acquired a small startup and decided to begin a journey of digital transformation, the product management function was formally introduced and I found myself as an official product manager, but with no real idea what this new function entailed.

This kicked off an explosion of learning where I had a insatiable appetite for devouring content from the thought leaders in this space (eg. Melissa Perri, Marty Cagan, Steve Blank, and Teresa Torres). I dove into the idea that driving business outcomes via software development was built on deeply understanding the jobs to be done for your target customer, iteratively building solutions, and optimizing the build-measure-learn cycle to derisk solutions quickly and cheaply.

Over five years later, I still have that insatiable appetite to learn and improve my product management skills and I continue to build on my successes, learn from my mistakes, and experiment with new ways of building software to be the best product manager I can be.

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Services Provided

Freelance & Contract Work

Short term product management engagements.


Provide the insights & leadership to level-up your product capabilities.

Skilled Volunteering

Helping nonprofits focused on economic mobility build software solutions.


Join the team as the product expert for brand new startups.

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